CareersIndia is the research and training wing of Armia Systems, a US based global IT solutions provider. CareersIndia was started in 2012 with an objective to impart quality training in the field of Software Engineering. With over 16 years of experience in IT industry we were passionate in starting an training institution which creates a proficient resource pool who are industry ready. We believe in providing high quality IT Training to transform a candidate into a quality professional.

At CareersIndia, we believe in equipping people with quality training. In this high-tech era, the demand for quality professionals is continuously increasing. The multinational companies and corporates in the IT industry need quality professionals who are confident in their skills and can work proficiently. CareersIndia is a platform where you can witness the metamorphosis of a candidate to a professional and thereby bridging the gap between talent hunters and trained talents. Our training program has a potential to transform your career. We create a group of skilled professionals through our advanced training methodologies and incubation process. We have got a revolutionary approach towards software training.